Chris, PA3CRX has published the results of the June 2015 IARU ATV contest.  This was the first time that the  contest was held in June, with the extended time period giving more possibility to gain points by getting portable and/or remote and the new (Excel) log sheet.

The number of stations that sent in their logs:

in 2014: 33,

in 2015 it is 42!

We should consider this as a promise for next year.

Click here to see the final results. As you can see IQ3ZB is the winner this year, congratulations to the team with this result!

Please see the map with all participating ATV stations in the ATV contest of 2015.  Several countries with (some) ATV activity are missing in the results. This is a pity because such an activity weekend is fun for everyone operating ATV.

Also check-out especially during the contest (you can look back a half year).